Traumatic brain injuries have become something near and dear to the hearts of many in recent years at Caliente Construction. After Bid-Coordinator, Angela Womack’s high-school daughter, Jasmine Orona-Hardee, was in a tragic car accident in April of 2015, at which time she sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury.

In critical condition, she stayed in-patient at the hospital and Rehabilitation Facilities for nearly four months. After undergoing a year and a half of outpatient therapy and with resources found through BIAA, she has been able to graduate High School and is currently completing her first year of College at Estrella Mountain Community College.

Angela says, “We know our journey, and the healing process is far from over and would like to help share awareness about BRAIN INJURIES, the Invisible Disability. With groups like Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona and many others, Jasmine has made an enormous amount of progress! We are thankful for the support from the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona and all of your support!”

With the participation of Caliente colleagues, friends and family #TeamPrayforJasmine was the top fundraising team! Through the support of the event as a whole, the Brain Injury Alliance surpassed their $50,000 goal and raised $69,483!!!!

“Great event, great weather with some GREAT people!”