After arriving at Caliente Construction just over 4 years ago, Natalie Brewster has thrived in her construction career. An Arizona State University Graduate in 2013 with a degree in Construction Management, Natalie has worked hard through the ranks from a Project Engineer to an Assistant Project Manager through to a Project Manager.

Participating in all that Caliente offers, Natalie has successfully completed the AGC Construction Project Management Course, the Arizona Builders Alliance (ABA) Project Manager Development Program and has recently been accepted to the ABA Emerging Leaders Forum this year.

When we asked her how she felt about her next big move, she said with a huge smile “It’s awesome!!! Very cool and exciting. I’m looking forward to learning and growing even more. My mentor, Martie Swann, has been awesome, and I also feel that Emerging Leaders is going to help me grow into the new role even more.”

Way to go, Natalie! An inspiration to all that hard work can swiftly pay off.