Caliente Construction Inc. celebrated and honored its women construction professionals with a lunch as it kicked off Women in Construction week.

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is celebrating Women in Construction the week of March 1-7. This week helps NAWIC advance its mission to strengthen and amplify the success of women in the construction industry.

“I’ve been in the construction industry for more than 20 years, and I believe it offers one of the best career opportunities for women,” said Claire Furney, Caliente’s Director of Strategic Development.

Caliente is fortunate to have great leadership with President/CEO Lorraine Bergman at the helm. She co-founded the company in 1991 and has been very visible in the construction industry not just in Arizona but throughout the West and Southwest.

“You are seeing more women not as just as figureheads of a company but as the hands-on decision-makers,” Furney said. “It’s a positive trend. At Caliente, we have females in every role from the accounting and marketing departments to estimating and project management. It’s a great field for women.”

Karen Lopez, a Senior Project Accountant, has been with Caliente for 10 years. She said her job at Caliente is always evolving.

“There is never a dull moment in the construction industry,” Lopez said. “There is always plenty to do. There is always new learning and new technology. It’s a great field.”

Caliente CFO Lisa Autino agrees with Lopez.

“We are constantly putting new processes into place,” Autino said. “It’s true, there never is a dull moment in this industry. As far as women making an impact in the industry, it’s been a long time coming but our impact has also come a long way.”

At the end of the day, it’s the inclusive, diverse and family environment that Caliente offers that attracts women in construction to Caliente.

“I’ve been at Caliente for 6 years and I can’t think of a place I’d rather be,” said Natalie Brewster, an Assistant Project Manager. “Caliente Construction is one big family and I love it. The construction industry presents lots of challenges. Here I have peers and we face those challenges together and rise to solve them. That’s one of the best things about working here.”