The town of Gilbert, AZ, and its development have played a significant role throughout the various phases of Lorraine Bergman’s career. In fact, she recently spoke with the Gilbert Sun News, recalling how the dairy farms evolved into the thriving business environment we know today. Caliente Construction has proudly participated in this urban development initiative with projects such as Liberty Market, Project Q, TicketForce and Thrive Women’s Coop, and the recent renovation of Joe’s Real BBQ and construction of Topo.

Lorraine launched her career in Gilbert as an employee of APS during the 1990’s, and transitioned into the construction industry, ultimately taking on the role of CEO of Caliente Construction in 2005. “If I had known that construction was going to be such a fabulous industry, I would’ve entered it when I first came into the working market. I just love our industry,” she expressed. Check out the full news article in the April 21 issue of the Gilbert Sun News, an edition of the Sunday East Valley Tribune on pages 23 and 25.