A big thank you to the Caliente Team for participating in our annual Caliente Angels project, and a special Thank You to Juanita Williams for the coordination efforts. This year, Operation Christmas Smile was the selected beneficiary of the contributions of all the Angles’ efforts.

Operation Christmas Smile serves as an entity that works closely with businesses, for-profit, non-profit, and community organizations in efforts to collect items donated by the local community and distribute them to the orphan and foster children organizations throughout the State of Arizona.

More importantly, they aspire to help aid local organizations in their efforts; helping orphan and foster children enjoy the seasons by placing a care package or gift into the hands of as many orphan and foster children in the City of Phoenix and the surrounding metropolitan area as possible. With over 18,000 children in the foster care system in the State of Arizona alone, there is no shortage of smiles to be brought about by this Operation.

Thanks to the Angel support, Caliente was able to supply 122 Care Kits to the children. Early Saturday morning, Juanita was accompanied by the Angels in her life to deliver the goodies just in time for the Christmas Holiday.