At the DoubleTree Inn on December 12th, the ABA honored graduates of the Senior Executive Program, the Leadership Development Forum as well as the Project Manager Development Program; with over 250 members attending the honorary graduate lunch to celebrate the Class of 2017.

The LDF program focuses on developing construction professionals into informed, knowledgeable and active members of the industry while preparing them for future leadership roles within their companies, the industry, and the Arizona Builders’ Alliance. Completing a series of year-long classes focusing on public speaking, leadership skills, and team building, the graduates also collaborate to work on the successful completion of a Community Service Project during the year. Recognized as a part of this year’s graduating LDF class was Caliente Construction’s Jason Adolph, Project Engineer.

Also recognized in the Senior Executive Program (SEP) was CFO, Lisa Autino. The SEP is designed to promote ongoing management and leadership training for senior leadership within ABA and is exclusively limited to a select group of 16 executives and senior leaders every year. Congratulations to Lisa for not only being selected but completing the program.

In this years, Project Manager Development Program (PMDP) for early-career project managers or those looking to move into this type of role is a five-module program that covers the essentials of project management and provides a solid foundation for long-term career development. The curriculum for this course comes from the Associated General Contractors of America, and a certificate of completion from the AGC will additionally be given to all students who completed all five modules.  The program is offered annually by the ABA to teach a new generation of project managers the essential skills to ensure project success. Part of this years’ graduating class was Caliente’s very own Project Engineer, Brian Heaward, and Assistant Project Manager, LeAnn Close.

Caliente Construction is proud of this year’s ABA graduates and is thrilled to have so many amazing industry leaders as a part of the team. Way to go Team Caliente!