ASU Downtown Post Office & SEC Life Safety & Building Upgrades

Delivery Process:  CMAR/JOC

Construction Type: Renovation

Total Square Footage: 14,000 SF

This building upgrades project was a continuation of the original CMAR/JOC project, and was completed under multiple, consecutive JOC contracts and included full pre-construction services. The work consisted of life safety upgrades with new fire sprinkler and alarm systems; and all new HVAC and electrical systems. Additional renovations included a new break room, plumbing/electrical, drywall, and ACT; existing restrooms, a new unisex restroom, and two new conference rooms, refresh of the Dean’s office. Throughout the second floor, new doors, frames hardware; acoustical ceiling grid and tile; drywall walls; flooring; painting; restroom specialties; plumbing and light fixtures were installed. Much of the work needed to be approved by the State Historical Preservation Office as the Post Office building is a registered historical building. Original features of the building such as, stucco and ceilings had to be preserved during the renovation, and the existing wood doors and base were reused.