“Having worked with Caliente Construction for the past year or so, I can wholeheartedly recommend them as one of the most professional and dedicated general contractors I have ever had the privilege of managing. The contractual complexities we have concocted include both the standard ASU CMAR and multiple JOC agreements to address the linking of multiple projects with different funding sources within the same building. Add to this the overlay of working within a listed building on the National Register of Historic Places and you get a sense of the arena within which we work. The inherent project complexities have presented an accounting challenge that Don Mellow, the project manager, and his co-workers have competently addressed. Moreover, the scheduling complexities include differing due dates within the same basic project infrastructure. Eric Harner, the on-site superintendent, has been very adept at managing the various aspects of the schedule and has meet or exceeded all expectations.

In conclusion, I have always appreciated a willingness to address construction-related issues with a positive, problem solving approach and Caliente Construction is a model of experience and expertise at solving complex project issues. I recommend them with a heartfelt appreciation for their spirit of teamwork and competence.”

ASU Capital Programs Management Group
Project Manager

“I want to congratulate you on the job well done out here on the flightline. My customers have been very happy with the work and the strict adherence to all our FOD controls. I have received several kudos about your FOD control from upper management onsite. As you know FOD (Foreign object debris) is a very critical issue on this site.

I also enjoy your straight upfront, no holding back attitude when issues arose. Your knowledge of the work and potential pitfalls made necessary change orders easier to sell to management. Also all the work went smoothly without any disruptions to our flight testing schedule. That was critical.

The guys on the flightline really like the new asphalt – as does Safety since it now reduces most dust issues we had on the flightline.

When Caliente wins another of my projects, I will request that you run them again…”

Boeing Mesa Facilities

"It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Caliente Construction. I have worked with Lorraine Bergman and her staff at Caliente for the last several years.
AT&T made a decision to expand our Mesa Data Center. This $2.6 million project needed to be completed on a very tight schedule. The challenge was not only met but Caliente exceeded our expectations by completing the work on schedule.

I have always said, “an organization takes on the same personality, conviction and attitude as its leadership”, and Caliente is a good example. The entire staff from the top down is committed to excellence and the philosophy that the customer comes first, while maintaining a “can do” attitude. It is because of this type of performance that I will continue to turn to Caliente when I am in need of a building related solution."

AT&T Corporate Real Estate, Design & Construction

“Lorraine: Your staff is all consummate professionals. I have been in the construction industry for over 30 years and have never found a staff more knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to please the client. You must be very proud of your staff. It just goes to show you're an excellent judge of character. I look forward to work with you and your staff on many more successful Convention Center projects.”

City of Phoenix

“Great Job! very pleased with the entire job it was worth the wait was very concerned with the old towers making it through another summer if we had to it was a pleasure working with Caliente Construction.”


“I’m delighted to take this opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for Caliente Construction. In September of 2010 St. Mary Magdalene Parish realized the fruit of several years of planning and fundraising and moved into our first permanent building. Caliente Construction served as the general contractor for this project and did an outstanding job of making a beautiful 20,000 square foot building rise from a previously vacant lot. ………………….. Caliente was also very sensitive to the issues of timing and budgeting and helped the parish move into our building in a timely manner and to stay on course with the budget. Don and Dean offered suggestions for value engineering and helped bring to life a building that was the 2nd runner up for 2010 light commercial insulated concrete form buildings. The quality of the building constructed by Caliente is outstanding and I’ve received nothing but positive comments from parishioners regarding the structure.”

St. Mary Magdalene Parish

“Since March of 2012 Caliente Construction has built four Projects for Legacy Traditional School. Three of the projects were classroom buildings of approximately 15,000 square feet each, located in Chandler, Queen Creek, and Tucson, Arizona. The fourth project was an approximately 15,000 square foot classroom, stage, library and computer lab in Casa Grande, Arizona. All of these projects started March 2012 or later and will all be completed before school opens, August 8, 2012. To build four on time projects in five months ranging from Tucson to Queen Creek required significant coordination and effort. We are pleased with the quality and finish of these projects and feel that Caliente gave us super human effort.

We would recommend them to you for your next project, especially if time and cost are factors.”

Legacy Traditional Schools

“Lorraine and Dan, please pass along my congratulations to the rest of your teams for the great job they did this last weekend on the Adams Street Garage standby generator project. I understand that the work got done more than 7 hours ahead of schedule. This was a very complicated project that your teams pulled off very successfully. I appreciate your support in making this happen.”

City of Phoenix

“On behalf of Chandler-Gilbert Community College, I would like to thank you and your company for all of your efforts as we collaborate to bring our outdoor classroom to fruition. Caliente’s participation of on the Environmental Technology Center has resulted in major progress toward the groundbreaking of this project. I also would like to commend you and your team for your efforts in contacting partners for the construction of this classroom. CGCC is very committed to environmental issues and always excited to incorporate sustainability as an educational experience for our students and communities. We are pleased that you share this enthusiasm. In appreciation for your support, we pledge to display your company’s name as a major sponsor on the promotional materials we create for the Environmental Technology Center. Again, thank you for recognizing the importance of this project for our students and communities. You have been such a friend and supporter. We are so grateful”

Chandler Gilbert Community College

“I would like to thank and commend Caliente for all of their work out at DEMA One Stop Shop. Throughout the project there have been significant challenges, in which Caliente handled them efficiently. They took the initiative to get the appropriate specialist on site to begin determining solutions. Whenever they came to the table with a problem, they also brought possible solutions. The entire team treated the owner and the Arizona National Guard with respect and integrity. I had the impression throughout the project that to Caliente Construction, the priority wasn’t the bottom dollar, but maintaining their reputation. Everyone worked together well, and actually had fun working on this challenging project! Caliente Construction was pro-active, professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Dept. of Emergency and Military Affairs

“I wanted to take the time and send you an email as to how well done this build out was done. We have officially been up here for a week now and everything is great. It was one thing to hear it from my colleagues, but to see it with my own eyes; I thought it important to express to you how well you and your team did on this job, especially considering the time crunch”

Bank of Arizona

“We've just completed the punch walk (architectural) for the District's data center in Scottsdale. It's truly under budget, ahead of schedule and nearly headache free at least from our side. More important to me, this one, by far, has been the easiest, most pleasant major project in my entire career of... well, a really lot of years. Given the complexity, all the places that it could have gone wrong, the start/stop/restart, it could have been anything and everything else. It's a credit to the cooperation, capability, and competence of the entire team that this one just seemed to cruise along. As we all have nightmare projects, including a couple at this time for me, having one that didn't require daily baby-sitting was an enormous bonus for the District. It's a project we all can be very proud of.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone from Rod, me and the entire Maricopa District,”

Facilities Planning and Development Maricopa Community College District

“We are regularly queried concerning the construction company we have chosen since the onset of our project: ….We are always thrilled to heartily recommend Caliente Construction. We are singularly impressed and encouraged by Caliente’s work ethic and its workmanship, the pristine appearance of their work site, and the incredible attention to quality and detail in all arenas: process, people and product.”

Johnston Properties / Liberty Market

“As a 20 year veteran Design Professional, Project Manager and Planner for Maricopa County Facilities Management. I have worked with many Design Firms and Construction Companies over the years. The project team that Maricopa County Facilities Management, Maricopa County Environmental Services and Caliente Construction Company assembled to work on the Maricopa County Environmental Services Northern Regional Office building renovation project was one outstanding team……………….The finished results of this project were outstanding and the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department Staff are very happy with the construction project.”

Maricopa County Facilities Management / Capital Facilities Development

"Thank you for all of your support in opening Oregano's. We couldn't have done it without you. You and your team really shined during this process and I hope to work with you again on future projects."


“As a City of Phoenix project manager responsible for repairs of the devastating October 2010 hail storm at Maryvale Baseball Stadium and other facilities. Caliente Construction stepped up and hit a home run. Hail damage at the stadium was severe and immediate repairs were needed prior to the 2011 Spring Training season. Caliente was involved in reputing insurance adjusters initial findings and negotiated more accurate construction costs, then completed the work in a timely and efficient manner; all prior to the first pitch. Caliente Construction was the right company at the right time for the City of Phoenix."

Retired City of Phoenix Landscape Architect